I had been stuck on spin cycle in addiction for almost two decades. My wife had been incredibly patient with me but wasn’t too far from leaving. I became super lost, unhealthy, and was letting my addiction take over.

I was about to lose everything.

To be able to move forward I had to go back to where it all began.

Where it all began

me as a dapper young chap, age 5 ish

When I was young I began to not obtain the emotional connection I actually needed. The problem is, I had no idea this was happening. I began a slow process of disengaging with friends and…

In the last few months my wife and I have noticed our old mattress needed to be retired. We’ve been sleeping awful and we knew it was time for an upgrade.

I was tired (literally) of sleeping horribly and wanted to get a replacement in quick. I had of a lot of my friends who’ve mentioned a Purple mattress and I mentioned to my wife, “Let’s just buy a Purple. It’ll be here in 22 minutes (not really but they do ship quick) and we can start sleeping better tonight.”

Her response to that statement is the reason I do…

Since Influencer Marketing has hit the scene in business one popular tactic has been having an influencer do a social takeover.

This is when the influencer gets the password and login for the brand’s Instagram account and post content for a day. They announce they are taking over the account and let the audience know they can ask them questions, follow along, and engage with them.

In this article I’ll share how brands can do takeovers the right way to build trust with their audience using the Marketing Trust framework.

Flashback alert

Social takeovers remind me of the old days (I’m 34…

this donut was so good…

Mistakes happen in business.

While we all have pure intentions ( I sure hope you do!) when doing business with customers flubs can happen. The risk in avoiding a mistake and hoping it will magically go away is that customers remember the wiff and not buy from you again.

Customers are like elephants, they remember everything.

It is absolutely critical to rebuild trust quickly and sincerely when you’ve made a mistake in business. Because if you don’t they’ll quickly find someone else to buy from.

They may even pay a higher price from a competitor. …

While we’ve seen a massive increase of companies adopting social media marketing into their overall company strategy, I’m still seeing executives struggle with investing in social. This leaves marketing teams frustrated and slows the growth of the brand.

I’m not going to point fingers at who’s at fault (actually I am) but I’m gonna point fingers (see?). This is on the marketing team.

So quit complaining that the C-level doesn’t get it and listen up.

First things first.

Here is why your executive team is hesitant with social media:

  • It’s a foreign land and that scares the heck out of…

We see it all the time. People change jobs or get laid off. There is this unspoken rule that before your laptop is taken out of your hands you scribe ONE last email to #AllEmployees to inform them of your departure.

I see these all the time. People invite everyone to get connected on LinkedIn and say sweet things about how innovative and special everyone is.

But what if we changed all of that. What if you constructed this last email to pour some serious gasoline on your career game. …

In 2011 I was living with my wife and two kids working for my dads environmental consulting company in Farmington, NM. We’d been there about 2 years and life was pretty comfortable. In February I went to a LDS business conference and during one of the meet n’ greets I met Greg Mckeown.

The conversation went something like this.

Greg: “Hi! I’m Greg, who are you and what do you do?”

Me: “Hi there, I’m Adam. I do environmental consulting in northern New Mexico. I also do some social media consulting on the side.”

Greg: “You don’t seem like an…

Live video is gaining a lot of attention lately as social users are starting to engage with brands through Periscope, blab, and Facebook Live. I’ll share ways to use Live video for retail brands and how to pitch this to your team. As much as this is an article about Live video, it’s really about transparency.

Let’s Talk Transparency

Think back to the first time you saw a live show where the content creators couldn’t hide behind edits or surprises during their presentation. …

My dad hung this wooden plaque in his office for years and I never knew the story behind it.

It looked like a sign you’d see from Yellowstone park explaining that you actually have to pay for lunch.

My dad finally told me the story.

He struggled in his under grad but felt it was important to get his master’s and PhD in environmental science. After he completed those degrees he had this sign hand made to portray that nothing is ever given to you for free. …

This last February my mom passed away. In the last seven months I’ve been on a Tilt-a-Whirl of emotions. You may have heard of an ‘emotional roller coaster’ but when my mom died I felt like there was constant spinning with a mix of up’s and downs.

My Relationship with My Mom

In the last couple years the relationship with my mom was especially strong. She had a handful of phone calls and facetimes with my wife and kids each week. I would call her 2–3 times a week on my drive home from work and talk about whatever was going on.

Despite her declining…

Adam Buchanan

Marketing and Business Consultant | Public Speaker | Influencer Marketing Strategist | Author | Beekeeper

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