How The Retail Industry Can Use Live Video

Let’s Talk Transparency

5 Ideas for Live Video for Brands in Retail

  • The Heritage of Our Business — Go find someone in your company who is the longest tenured employee. Ask them if they will go live with your customers to talk about when they first started, what it was like back then, and how the business has evolved. If you can get a founder or CEO, email me the video ( and I’ll send you some of my local honey for bonus points. Ask viewers how long they’ve been a customer and if they remember the good ol’ days.
  • How the Product is Made — This is can be tricky and I don’t want you to get in trouble with legal, but find out how much you can share. Find one of the designers of your product and ask if they will show you CAD’s or early designs of a product that is on the shelf. Ask viewers to chime in with questions or if they’ve used the product you’re featuring.
  • FAQ and Live Q&A Session — What are the top 5 questions you get EVERY month? Go live with a fellow co-worker who can help answer those questions and while you’re live ask the viewers what other questions you can answer for them. Make sure to save this video and make it easy to find on your site or on YouTube or Facebook.
  • Culture of the Office or Store— Have you ever been to the corporate headquarters of Best Buy? I haven’t. You may be bored with the big logos on the walls in your office but to a customer who has never seen it? It’s gold. Walk around during the live video, interview co-workers, ask what they are working on and ask viewers to comment on what they want to see or who they want to meet. Is it Taco Tuesday? Definitely go live because everyone loves tacos.
  • Community Shout Out Session — Go through your social feeds and find a few stories and photos from your community to feature during the live video. Give those people shout outs and tell them why it’s awesome they shared their stories or photos about your product. Thank them for the feedback and invite others to share as well. Live video doesn’t have to be just about you, make it about your community.

The Structure of a Live Video

  • Write up a brief outline of what you will broadcast and leave room for surprises.
  • Give co-workers a heads up if you’re going to interview them to make sure they are comfortable on camera.
  • Leave time for questions and make sure to invite viewers to comment. This for them, remember?
  • If you’re interviewing someone who isn’t in the office, set up the Skype well in advance on a laptop in advance. This won’t be the highest quality but if you have one of the founders this will be very impactful.
  • Tie in product announcements, app updates, and other more promotional announcement throughout the broadcast. If you’re wanting people to update the latest version of your app, go interview the developer and let them talk about why it’s cool.
  • Consider doing a weekly episode and invite your audience to subscribe to tune in.

Get Buy-In from Your Team



Marketing and Business Consultant | Public Speaker | Influencer Marketing Strategist | Author | Beekeeper

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Adam Buchanan

Adam Buchanan

Marketing and Business Consultant | Public Speaker | Influencer Marketing Strategist | Author | Beekeeper