How To Write The Last Email To Your Co-Workers When You Leave A Company

Adam Buchanan
3 min readAug 14, 2016

We see it all the time. People change jobs or get laid off. There is this unspoken rule that before your laptop is taken out of your hands you scribe ONE last email to #AllEmployees to inform them of your departure.

I see these all the time. People invite everyone to get connected on LinkedIn and say sweet things about how innovative and special everyone is.

But what if we changed all of that. What if you constructed this last email to pour some serious gasoline on your career game. Especially if you get laid off, you don’t want to ‘stay in touch’ — you want a job!

So hear me out, let’s try this instead.

First Things First

I’m a big fan of the number 3. It’s how I construct all my presentations. So for this last email write it in this format:




The main goal of the Inform section is to quickly let people know you’re leaving and what the next step is. So try:

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know today is my last day here at ____. It’s been great working with all of you.

My next move will be _______.

And be real. You may not know WHAT your next move is but you know what you WANT it to be.

Keep it simple. Don’t drone on about how cute the napkins at the company BBQ were, just cut to the point.

The Ask

It may feel weird but this is a great time for a simple request and to elaborate on your next move. Humans are genuinely kind and when they see these emails they will be happy to assist you.

There’s a high chance you’ve collaborated with the majority of these people and they respect you. Especially if this is short notice and you’ve been laid off, people can empathize with that.

Inform your co-workers on what your next move is. After a new job? Yeah probably. Going independent, great! The thing is, if you’re transparent people will respect that and lend a hand.

Things to ask for:

  • It would really help me out if you wrote me a LinkedIn recommendation if we’ve worked together. I’d be happy to return the favor! (Link)
  • I’m interested in ____ position/type of work, if you know anyone hiring please let me know my email is: _____.
  • I’m excited to go out on my own and do contract work. If you know anyone who needs help with ____, please forward my email along. I’d greatly appreciate it!
  • Please check out my website and subscribe to my email newsletter about ____ and please share with anyone you know who might be interested in ___.

Be specific. If you say ‘let’s stay connected!’ that may mean different things to different people. You don’t want to stay connected you want and need something more. Ask for that thing that will help you and make sure to reciprocate it.

The Takeaway

The key is to be open. It’s probably a little scary moving on and you’re stressing out trying to say just the right thing or be funny. Just be you.

You Do You.

Be careful with humor. You don’t want people remembering you as “oh man did you see what he/she said in their ‘last email’!? That was crazy!”

Don’t be weird or crazy. Be real.

A lot of people dump all the ways to follow them on social media along with their phone number, email, mailing address, uncle’s fax number, dog's mailbox number…

Easy there. Pick one or two and go with that. Do you really care if people follow you on Twitter? Maybe you do. I would keep it to email, LinkedIn, and phone number.

Your Thoughts?

I hope this helps, but I’m all ears. What would you add to this article? Let me know in the comments below.



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