My Wife and I bought a Mattress Based On Recommendations from our Friends

The Facebook Post where I ask people to get personal

I was still sold on a Purple and honestly just wanted to get done with this buying process as fast as possible. My wife wasn’t happy about the call out on Purple. #notsorry
  1. Proximity — I’ll ask for recommendations and people will actually respond.
  2. Honesty — When people share a recommendation they’ll be real with me and not pressure me into buying a certain brand that may not be a good fit for me.
  3. Expertise — My friends may not be mattress experts but I would say that humans in general are experts in sleep. By having them share their experiences with their mattresses I can make an informed decision.

Then the Comments Rolled In

Props to Dan Morris for providing my favorite comment in the bunch and kicked off the discussion with some much needed humor.
A few comments in and Purple is getting some love. Fine with me. Whatever gets us to order that mattress sooner.
Will shared a review on Casper. I have heard of Casper but from his review I’m not considering it as an option. Pass.
We were not alone in our search for a new mattress. Nice to hear what others were looking at. Although — I could never wait a few months to decide. My wife and I are way too impulsive.
My friend Vin sharing a brand I’ve never heard of. Interesting. *quickly google searches Helix Sleep*
Then we start getting brands from all over the place. Later on we see more from Tuft and Needle. I begin to spend more time on their website. A day has gone by and I slept terrible. Wishing this would go by faster.
People throwing mud at Purple. I google the powder Jed is talking about. I can’t find anything. It then reminds me of powdered donuts which I hate but then I think of powder skiing in Utah and I’m happy again. Overall these comments produce a net neutral result for me. Still considering Tuft and Needle though because Andy is my boy.
I love Deb’s comment — this is what I was banking on.
Lexi shares her honest opinion about the pillow. It was also nice to see how the interaction went with customer service. Again, if I’m gonna drop a grand on this giant piece of foam I want to know what it’s like to call their 1–800 number.

After sifting through the recommendations from our friends…

What does this mean for brands?



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